Series: Modern Day Giants

Brian WeaverAugust 14, 2022

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Passage: Matthew 6:19-24

In Western culture, especially America, it would seem that the prevailing attitude towards possessions, wealth, and generosity focuses more on the desires of a person than the blessings of God. Yet, Scripture calls us to utilize what we have been given – time, abilities, resources – for the sake of the Kingdom of God. In our call as disciples to be about proclaiming the good news, making disciples, and moving the mission forward, how we can overcome the modern day giant of greed for the sake of generosity? How can we align our life, fiscally, in such a way that we do not become indebted to this world, but are set free to love our neighbor? How are we not conformed to the ways of this world, and it's cultures, but instead transformed as disciples of Jesus?

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