Series: Here & Now: How We Use Our Vocation & Calling

William RowlandSeptember 17, 2023

Passage: Acts 2:41-47

One vocation is shared by all believers. We have been called as disciples of Jesus Christ, and God has placed us in our specific gathering of disciples at Peace. As fellow disciples, we gather to celebrate the forgiveness of sins won for us on the cross and to bear the burdens of our adopted brothers and sisters in Christ. The “fellowship” in Acts met every day to attend temple and break bread in their homes. In doing so, the Kingdom of God grew daily. By simply gathering in peace and love, they shared the Gospel of Christ with others, who could see the hope and joy that they had in their community. It was so infectious that others wanted to be a part of it. God has brought us together in Jesus Christ, and He has placed us in this vocation to serve our fellow believers.

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