The Lord is Good

Series: Liturgies: The Rhythms We Live By

Brian WeaverMarch 26, 2023Lent

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Passage: Psalms 107:1-43

The author of Psalm 107 introduces a pattern of Law, Gospel, and Praise that echoes the rhythm of our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are not yet perfected but living a life where we are both sinner and saint. We are confronted by our sins daily and called to repent as the Holy Spirit works in us to make us righteous for our final day of atonement, when we will be made perfectly holy and unable to sin. This is all the work of God alone. As Luther taught, we are justified and made holy by grace, through faith, for the sake of Christ, and by no merit of our own. God does all the work on our behalf, and therefore, He alone is good. This is why we praise and worship Him.

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