Less Volunteers, More Masterpieces

Series: The Church Is Made For More

Brian WeaverSeptember 25, 2022

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Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10

We have been set free in the death and resurrection of Jesus to live out our greatest purpose in this life, bringing more glory and honor to Christ Jesus. But, in a consumer-driven culture, even how we give back to the community around us, how we serve in our church, is less about how we grow and more about how we are honored. But, a masterpiece, as Paul refers to those brought into new life in Jesus Christ, is a piece of art that has been lovingly, intentionally, and over time, formed to bring glory to the artist. We are the masterpiece of God. Our lives reflect the artist, the Creator. You, as a masterpiece, engage in the mission and purpose of the Church, not so the local community gets the glory, or even so that you get the glory, but so that through the experience you even more reflect the glory and honor of Jesus. You, as a masterpiece, reflect the artist who has redeemed you and set you free.

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