Less Us, More Jesus

Series: The Church Is Made For More

Brian WeaverSeptember 18, 2022

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Passage: Ephesians 1:3-14

The Church has always been about more Jesus. In our 21st Century context, though, we’ve easily slipped into the consumeristic mindset that church, or the Church, is for me – to be fed, nourished, strengthened, and to have my needs met – more than that the Church exist to glorify and bring praise to Jesus Christ. In his opening to the Church of Ephesus, Paul reminds those disciples, and us, that we exist not for our glory but for the glory and honor of Christ. We have been redeemed to bring glory and honor to Christ – to fulfill the purpose that always was from the beginning. We are redeemed and brought together, as the Church, so that Jesus is more glorified, more honored, more praised in the world around us.

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