Led By Love, Not Guilt

Series: The Church Is Made For More

Brian WeaverOctober 2, 2022

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Passage: Ephesians 3:14-21

A change in behavior does not change a heart. A change in heart changes behavior. A change in heart changes direction. A change in heart changes purpose. A change in heart changes life. This is what we are seeking as we live out our purpose as disciples of Jesus. Paul’s surrender to Christ’s rule and authority in his life led him through more trials and struggles than he most certainly would have ever endured. But, the love of Christ compelled him to sacrifice more than he ever imagined. As the Church, its far too easy to lead out of guilt, and fear and shame. But, love is what changes a person’s heart. Love that never shies away. Love that is always available. Love that is unconditional.

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