Jesus Redeemed Us in His Death

Series: Liturgies: The Rhythms We Live By

William RowlandApril 7, 2023Holy Week

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Passage: Psalms 22:1-31

The stone will be rolled away, and the tomb will be empty. Jesus will ascend to God the Father and sit at His right hand. Our sanctification, the process of making us holy, will begin, but tonight we remember our justification and redemption through the death of Jesus Christ, the creative Word made flesh. We remember that no one held faith on this night. His disciples doubted, fled, and hid for fear of their own lives, and we fall short as well. The full cost of our sin, whether inherited or personally carried out, is death, and Jesus paid that cost. He bought our redemption in His suffering and death. Tonight, we turn to our Savior in gratitude for this great work.

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