Friday, April 14 

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Are you already an Academy 4 Mentor, Club Leader or Volunteer? Your time in this ministry matters and you are a part of our Mission:Serve Weekend! During your Academy 4 time on April 14, you will decorate the sacks for the Union Gospel Mission Sack Lunches Project, and write cards to the residents of the Union Gospel Mission, to remind them that they are loved, worthy, and created on purpose for a purpose. You do not need to sign up for this project! We will see you at Donna Park on April 14. 

Check out Academy 4's Mission: "We provide a mentor for EVERY 4th grader in the economically disadvantaged schools we serve. Our volunteers serve together once a month for 90 minutes and mentor the 4th graders in leadership. They express love and care and provide the students with a positive relationship with a dependable adult."


Saturday, April 15 | 10a - 12p &
Sunday, April 16 | 8a - 12p 

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Fill a classroom, not a landfill! Spring clean your closets and donate surplus materials to educators in support of The Welman Project. Check out the list of items below that can be donated. All you need to do is Spring Clean and bring your items to Peace by 12p on Sunday, April 16. 
Collection Times: Saturday, April 15 | 10a - 12p & Sunday, April 16 | 8a -12p 

The Welman Project connects schools & nonprofits with the community in ways that ignite creativity, environmental activism, and social responsibility. The Welman Project's goals are to CONSERVE: enable companies to create less waste in an innovative & impactful way, CONTRIBUTE: encourage community responsibility for the welfare of our schools & neighborhoods, and, CREATE: facilitate the exchange of creative reuse ideas & materials.

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Saturday, April 15 | 10a - 12p

Join us in making Sack Lunches to help feed the residents & guests in support of the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. We will pack lunches at Peace, on Saturday, April 15 @ 10a - 12p in the Fellowship Hall. Come have fun, serve and make lunches for those in need! 

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The Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County believes every person is created in the image of God... ...with immeasurable beauty and worth; that people should not be defined by their present condition or past mistakes; that forgiveness is real and has the power to transform us. We are all broken. We need each other. No one can do it alone. We are meant to bear each other’s burdens. Healing for our brokenness begins with the heart, with connection, with understanding how much we are loved by a good God. With healing comes change, the potential for joy and meaning. We believe no one was created for mere survival on the streets, for an existence blurred by mind-numbing substances. We believe each person is created with a purpose, a unique gift no one else can offer the world. Our job is to help them rediscover it.

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Saturday, April 15 | 10a - 12p 

Get ready for an "Out Of This World" Stellar Vacation Bible School at our first Work Day! We will spend the morning crafting, painting, building, and preparing decorations for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, that you can get dirty, move in and have fun in. Come join us in the Student Center beginning at 10a on Saturday, April 15. 

Stellar VBS will launch kids on a cosmic quest where they will have a blast shining Jesus' light to the world. Mark your calendars to join us for Stellar VBS THIS Summer, June 19 - 23, 2023 | 9a-12p. Additional information coming soon.

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Saturday, April 15 | 9a - 12p
Taste Community Restaurant: Arlington (200 N Cooper, Arlington, TX)

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Join with the CREW of Peace and help Taste Project jump-start the opening of the brand new Taste Community Restaurant in Arlington, TX. We will be building shelves, moving stuff from storage, organizing things on the shelves, and more! We can't wait to have you join us in Arlington on Saturday, April 15, 9a - 12. 

The Taste Community Project is partnering with the City of Arlington to replicate their original Taste Restaurant porgram in Fort Worth, TX. Programs at the new Arlington Restaurant will include pay-what-you-can meal serivce, culinary job training, and farm & garden activities. The Taste Community Project is designed to feed, educate, and serve Tarrant County's food insecure residents, who make up 13% of the county's population. Since opening the Fort  Worth location, Taste has served over 125,000 people. 

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Benefitting the United Way of Tarrant County & Tarrant Area Food Bank


Sunday, April 16 | 9:45a | Student Center

Students, join us for a time of fellowship and service as we create t-shirt tote bags. These tote bags will begiven to the United Way of Tarrant County and the Tarrant Area Food Bank. These bags will be made out of old t-shirts. Making a t-shirt tote bag is easy! It's a no-sew project, and perfect for students ages 4th-12th grade. We can't wait to have you join us for this project in the Student Center on Sunday, April 16 at 9:45a.

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The United Way of Tarrant County brings together individuals, groups, donors and service providers to help solve some of the toughest social issues affecting Tarrant County. Each year, the United Way helps more than 300,000 people through its resources.

united Way of Tarrant County

The Tarrant Area Food Bank believes that access to healthy food is a basic human right and not a privilege, that all people deserve regular, nutritious meals. The Tarrant Area Food Bank is committed to creating a community where no one has to go hungry.

iTarrant Area Food Bank


Sunday, April 16 | 9:45a | Upstairs

Children and their families are invited to join us for a time of service, during the Bible Study hour on Sunday, April 16. The Children's Project will be perfect for kids ages 3 - 3rd grade. Children in 4th -12th grade are encouraged to join us in the Student Center for our T-Shirt Tote Bag project. 

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Monday, April 17 | 9a - 12p

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Join us in making a difference at the Original Taste Community Restaurant in Fort Worth, TX. We will be providing some renew and rehab to the restaurant. We look forward to having you join us in making a difference down at the Taste Community Restaurant on April 17. 

The Taste Community Project began in Fort Worth, TX in 2012 Their mission is to feed, educate, and serve the community so they may "...taste and see the Lord is good." - Psalm 34:8 They believe that everyone should have access to nutritional food. The original Taste Restaurant focuses on healthy, quality meals made from fresh ingredients. Their menu has no prices. They ask guests to pay what they can afford, pay what they might typically pay, or pay what they would typically pay plus a little extra.

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