Carols & Chili

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 5:00 pm

About the Event


Step into the magic of the season as we gather to partake in the age-old tradition of Lessons and Carols. This event is a harmonious blend of the angelic voices of carolers and the profound narrative of the Nativity story.

What is Carols & Chili? Carols & Chili is an event for all ages, especially families with children, that begins with the singing of Christmas Carols and the reading of the Nativity Story to ready our hearts for the Christmas season. After the Carols part of the event, we join together in our Fellowship Hall for our annual Chili Cookoff! Continue reading to learn more about our Carols & Chili event:

Singing of Christmas Carols: Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas with the resounding joy of traditional carols. From the exuberant melodies heralding the arrival of angels to the tender strains celebrating the quiet manger in Bethlehem, the music will be a shared expression of our faith and joy.

Story of Our Savior: Experience the power of the Christmas story through carefully selected scripture readings, illuminating the path from ancient prophecies to the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. The lessons will unfold with the timeless grace of the Gospel, providing a profound backdrop to the melodies that will fill the air.
The Chili Cookoff isn't just about the competition – it's a festive gathering that encourages camaraderie and community spirit. Whether you're a seasoned chili connoisseur or just looking to enjoy a delicious bowl of warmth, join us for an evening of tantalizing tastes, friendly competition, and the shared love of the ultimate comfort food – chili!
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