Blood Drive with Carter BloodCare

Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 8:00 am

About the Event


Did you know that by giving blood, you are giving life to someone in need? Every three seconds, there is a person in need of blood. It takes just one pint of blood to save up to three lives. Giving blood is rewarding. It benefits every person involved. Either your life is enriched by giving or someone's life is saved by your donation. 

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Reserve your spot below to give blood, and give life on Sunday, September 24. We are partnering with Carter BloodCare to provide, stock and supply their blood banks to make a greater impact in our community. 

The need for blood hits close to home. When you donate blood with Carter BloodCare, you're giving hope to Texans like Daniel Wendler. To learn more about Daniel's story and the impact your blood donation could have on the lives of fellow Texans, take a moment and watch the video to the right. 

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