The Idol of Relationships

Series: Cast Down Your Idols

Brian WeaverFebruary 25, 2024Lent

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Passage: Mark 12:28-34

We hear it everywhere in the world today…relationships are everything – from selling something, to your real estate agent, to the barista that makes your coffee every morning. Even in the church we talk constantly about relationships! Yes, they are important. Yes, our faith is based on relationship – God’s relationship to us in Christ. But, relationships are not the top priority, Christ is. We can easily turn relationships into an idol when our relationships give us purpose, or identity, or they are the source of our value and importance. Relationships become an idol when those relationships cause us to go against the truth of God’s Word. Relationship become an idol, when we turn to the other person to provide for us, what only God can provide – perfect love.

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