Redeemer Over Regret

Series: Hope Has a Name

William RowlandApril 23, 2023Easter

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Passage: John 8:1-11

For us, time always moves forward. Sometimes, we may wish it wasn’t this way – that we could somehow go back in time and make the right decision, but the fact is that we can’t. Time moves on, and we are forced to move on with it. We continue to sin in decisions that we make and in ways that we unknowingly fall into sin. We are burdened with regret for our actions, and no amount of good works can justify us before a good and perfect God. Jesus alone is our Redeemer. He sees us in our sin, and He offers a word of salvation, “Neither do I condemn you.” Jesus healed many people during His life, but the greatest healing was our redemption from the brink of death. Humanity stood at the gate, with no one ready to redeem us from our sin and depravity, and God sent His only Son – our Redeemer.

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