Our Help is the Name of the Lord

Series: Songs of Ascent

Brian WeaverJuly 7, 2024

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Passage: Psalms 124:1-8

This psalm serves to remind the traveler of God’s incredible protection and providence through many times that were treacherous, dangerous, and often deadly for the people of God. While there were many times throughout Israel’s history that it seemed all hope would be lost, God continued to keep His chosen people alive, and He continued to provide for them, sustain them, and even defeat their over-powering enemies. It is no easy feat to reach 65 years of ministry! Peace has certainly seen it’s fair share of struggles, trials, and even, possible, seasons where hope was diminished. Yet, here were are, in 2024, celebrating the incredible work of God that has been done through His people at Peace in community, in our nation, and throughout the world!

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