Generosity is a River, not a Lake

Series: The Generosity of Love

Brian WeaverFebruary 5, 2023

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Passage: Matthew 14:13-21

The parable of the sower (Matthew 13) is a beautiful reminder of the incredible work of God in our lives, as we are faithful and obedient to His call and purpose. The crop that is grown comes from the generosity of the sower to spread the seed wherever He could, trusting in God to grow the crop where it needed to grow. The fruit that is yielded in our lives as disciples of Jesus is not our own wealth and prosperity, but the growth of our Savior’s Kingdom! Our generosity – giving of our time, our resources, our skills – has the potential to exponentially impact our Savior’s Kingdom, in God’s divine providence, not our own. Our call is to generously sow the seeds of the Gospel in our lives so that God’s Spirit can do the work of growing the crop of disciples of Jesus.

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