Our Story

The story of Peace begins in 1959. Northeast Tarrant County was not what it is today. There was no Northeast Mall, no Loop 820, and no DFW Airport. Some members of Zion Lutheran Church near downtown Fort Worth were looking for some land to plant Peace Lutheran Church. So the story goes... Three men were looking at the land on which the mall now sits, and a man came riding up on horseback (we're not kidding!). They told him they were looking for land to plant a new Lutheran church. He told them, "Don't buy here because this land floods when it rains. Go up Bedford-Euless on that hill up there and build your church there." They did just that, and by God's grace Peace has been right at the top of that hill ever since. God had a plan even those first bold believers could never have known, for now, Peace is at the crossroads of three major freeways in one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States!

The story of Peace is also the story of planting other congregations. God has given Peace a heart for sharing the hope we have with others. When Peace was only ten years old, God used us to help start Concordia Lutheran in Bedford. Then came Messiah Lutheran in Keller, followed by Crown of Life in Colleyville, and then Light of the World in North Fort Worth. The most recent plant was in August of 2006, when 120 of the People of Peace were boldly sent to plant St. Peter Lutheran in Roanoke. St. Peter dedicated its first building in September of 2010. One of our daughter congregations has already planted another congregation, and another is in process of calling a mission planter to their staff.

The story of Peace is also the story of everyday people and real families being connected to Jesus. Red Apple Preschool has given a solid spiritual and educational foundation to hundreds of kids since 1966. Every June, we welcome between 400-500 children to our week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS). God has blessed us with strong ministries to children, youth, adults and seniors. All of them connecting people to life by connecting them to Jesus.

The story of Peace is also a mission of hope and mercy, both local and global. Locally, Peace has a long history of involvement with Northeast Emergency Distribution (NEED), The Presbyterian Night Shelter, 6Stones, and LINC-North Texas. Globally, it was 25 years ago that Peace was led to be in mission to the people of Honduras. Next came our high school youth in mission and partnership with Cristo El Salvador Lutheran Church in Del Rio, and across the border in Acuna, Mexico. In 2001 we began to support Mission India. Most recently, God has given us the opportunity to be in mission to African immigrants in our community, mainly from South Sudan.

Really, the story of Peace is the ongoing story of Jesus transforming the lives of people, changing their hearts by His forgiveness, changing their futures by His resurrection. His story involves the whole world - the entire universe! And His story includes your story too! He is the author of your life, and He wants to write a whole new chapter...in fact, He wants to write new chapters of your life forever! Come join us in this amazingly true story that is still being written today.

Peace is a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. To find out more about the LCMS or the LCMS-TX Disctrict, click below.