Red Letter Challenge

Oct 10, 2021 | Brian Weaver

RLC: Forgiving (as He forgave)

Matthew 18:21-35

We have been given more mercy, grace and love than we can ever truly fathom in our Savior’s death and resurrection. As His disciples, now forgiven and redeemed in His love, He calls us to forgive as we have been forgiven. While teaching His disciples of the forgiveness they are to share, He uses a parable that shows the condemnation and judgement we might bring upon ourselves when we do not show the same grace and mercy we have been shown. As we have been freely forgiven, so we are called to freely forgive as His disciples.

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The question of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus is not a new one. Generations of Christians have wrestled with this very concept. What does it mean to “go and make disciples” as Jesus commissioned in Matthew 28? How do I know I’m a disciple of Jesus if I don’t have the Bible memorized, or a deep understanding of theology? This 40-day campaign dives in the very words of Jesus concerning what it means to be His disciple – Being (with Him), Forgiving (as He forgives), Serving (with love), Giving (generously as He gives) and Going (to share His good news!) – and how we can live them out in our daily lives.