May 08, 2022 | William Rowland

Make Disciples (Individually)

John 4:25-42

It can be easy to think that maybe you’re not ready to talk to others about Jesus or to believe the lie that you’re not the right person to tell others about Jesus, but that’s exactly why someone needs to hear your story. Time and time again in Scripture we see disciples being asked to carry out tasks that we would probably consider them ill-equipped for. The expectation is not to achieve disciple status through a series of tasks but to learn His truth and immediately tell others what you know.

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We firmly believe that God gathers His disciples, with their passions, hearts and giftedness, to live out His purpose in their daily lives. Through the month of May we are diving into our purpose as disciples of Jesus - to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples and move the mission forward – and how we can do that collectively as Peace Lutheran Church, and how we do that in our homes, relationships and daily lives.