Identity Matters: Living in the Truth

Aug 29, 2021 | Brian Weaver

Maintaining Relevance

Jeremiah 29:4-14

This is the world we live in today. We are not going back to “what was” and we don’t necessarily know what is ahead. As disciples in the 21st Century, our purpose is to Proclaim the Good News…in a world run by and live out on social media. How can we be the salt of the earth, the light of world, if we do not engage the culture where it is? This will definitely lead to hard conversations. This will certainly involve conflict, even within our own homes. Yet, we remember our Savior’s promise that even when it seems like the world may be crumbling down around us, in His truth and grace we will stand.

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Series Information

In a world run by, and consumed on, social media platforms, it is increasingly harder and harder to see a person’s true identity, or even to understand our own. This 5-week series will dive into some of the struggles that disciples of Jesus face in a world that is social media-based and how the truth of God’s promise throughout time, and His love shown on the Cross, can transcend the realities every generation faces and help us live our true lives and self in the love, grace and truth of our Savior Jesus Christ.