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Apr 25, 2021 | Brian Weaver

His Light, My Vision

Acts 9:10-19

In what is probably the most widely known conversion story of Acts, Jesus takes a persecutor and threat to His Church, and transforms him to become the apostle that championed and embodied the Gospel for the Gentiles – for all people! Saul was brought completely to his knees, blinded and incapacitated, and then made alive again in the Spirit to grow the Church of Jesus. Nothing seemed able to stop him – imprisonment, shipwreck, snake bites, death, house arrest. And nothing will stop our Savior’s Church.

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Following the resurrection of Jesus, Luke records the beginnings of the The Way, the followers of Jesus. This included time of great persecution, uncertainty, and shockingly, incredible growth for the Church. In the midst of the Book of Acts are stories of great transformation as the Gospel is proclaimed, shared and lived out. This series will look at some of these stories to better understand our own stories of transformation in the love and truth of Jesus.