Identity Matters: Living in the Truth

Aug 08, 2021 | Yohannes Mengsteab

Followers are not Friend

2 Samuel 7:18-29

Every speaker in today’s world has a following, people that are willing to pass along their message, whether it is good for the whole or not. But, the same is true for us individuals, as we compare how many “friends” we may or may not have versus somebody else. As disciples of Jesus, our identity is not found in the amount of people that hear our message, but in Him. Our purpose is not to have the largest following of people, but to lead and influence our home and the next generation in faith. It is important that we take into consideration the amount of time we give to our “followers” versus the time we spend loving, building up, and growing with our family, our friends, and the people who we have the greatest opportunity to influence in a life of faith.

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In a world run by, and consumed on, social media platforms, it is increasingly harder and harder to see a person’s true identity, or even to understand our own. This 5-week series will dive into some of the struggles that disciples of Jesus face in a world that is social media-based and how the truth of God’s promise throughout time, and His love shown on the Cross, can transcend the realities every generation faces and help us live our true lives and self in the love, grace and truth of our Savior Jesus Christ.