Identity Matters: Living in the Truth

Aug 01, 2021 | Brian Weaver

Crushing Pressure

Isaiah 41:1-10

Throughout history the people of God have faced incredible persecution from various authorities in the world. It is only since Constantine that God’s people have held such a privileged place in culture and society. Yet, in a world where everyone has a platform to share their views, as Christians we struggle because we have identified our social status with our religious status. But, our identity as disciples of Christ does not hinder or mitigate struggle, but might actually only cause it to grow in the coming years. What does it look like to be under incredible pressure but not be crushed? What does it mean to sacrifice for the sake of the message of the Gospel? Do we fight for our freedom to speak, or do we slip into the background?

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In a world run by, and consumed on, social media platforms, it is increasingly harder and harder to see a person’s true identity, or even to understand our own. This 5-week series will dive into some of the struggles that disciples of Jesus face in a world that is social media-based and how the truth of God’s promise throughout time, and His love shown on the Cross, can transcend the realities every generation faces and help us live our true lives and self in the love, grace and truth of our Savior Jesus Christ.