Identity Matters: Living in the Truth

Aug 15, 2021 | Brian Weaver

Cancel Culture & Polarization

Hebrews 12:1-11

It is an age-old issue that has only been highlighted through social media. The ideas or philosophies we don’t agree with we ignore or dismiss, the ones we do, we tend to push more. Yet, over the past decade, it has increasingly been harder and harder to hear the voices of the “middle”. As disciples, how do we use the example of Jesus who was able to have His voice heard by every party? Are we courageous enough to follow the example of Jesus who was ultimately taken to the Cross because of the pride of the religious leaders of the day? Can we speak the truth in a way the proclaims mercy and grace, or do we too find ourselves canceling others?

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In a world run by, and consumed on, social media platforms, it is increasingly harder and harder to see a person’s true identity, or even to understand our own. This 5-week series will dive into some of the struggles that disciples of Jesus face in a world that is social media-based and how the truth of God’s promise throughout time, and His love shown on the Cross, can transcend the realities every generation faces and help us live our true lives and self in the love, grace and truth of our Savior Jesus Christ.