All In

Jan 16, 2022 | Brian Weaver

All In with Your Soul

Luke 12:22-34

Our anxiety comes from a lack of peace and contentment. We grow anxious because we don’t know the outcome, or we’re afraid our worst fears are going to come true. Jesus call to His disciples to not be anxious is a call to find contentment and rest in Him. Being All In With Your Soul is trusting Jesus to be in control of everything. As He has so clothed the lilies of the field He will take care of your every need. In this truth we have the freedom to follow our Savior knowing that the outcome is not based on us, but on Him. And in Him, only goodness follows.

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Series Information

The start of the new year is a tremendous opportunity to start new rhythms of life. In this 4-week series we will dive into living “All In” as a disciple of Jesus – with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength and setting up the rhythms of life that feed this. We don’t have to wait for our experiences to change to begin experiencing change. Instead, we can seek to follow Jesus in the freedom of His love and grace without hesitation.