Wisdom: Life Lessons from the Past

Jul 25, 2021 | Brian Weaver

Admit Your Failings

Job 42:1-6

Job has just experienced more than most of us can imagine – the loss of his family, his livelihood, and now even those he considered his closest friends – and he’s left being able to only turn to God. But, Job does something most of us struggle to do – he admits his failures and turns to the Lord in repentance. In this final week of Wisdom of the Elders are reminded of our own humility, our need to turn to the Lord, so that we do not move forward with pride, but in humility, that others may learn too through our experience and God be glorified.

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We live in a fast-moving culture and society where things change so fast that we often lose the wisdom of the past, and rarely have time to learn from those who have gone before us. As we look at the world that lies ahead, and the ministry of the Church, this series will help us reach back into the truth of God’s Word and the wisdom provided, the wisdom of the Elders, to help us wisely carry out our purpose as disciples of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.