Current Series

Red Letter Challenge

The question of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus is not a new one. Generations of Christians have wrestled with this very concept. What does it mean to “go and make disciples” as Jesus commissioned in Matthew 28? How do I know I’m a disciple of Jesus if I don’t have the Bible memorized, or a deep understanding of theology? This 40-day campaign dives in the very words of Jesus concerning what it means to be His disciple – Being (with Him), Forgiving (as He forgives), Serving (with love), Giving (generously as He gives) and Going (to share His good news!) – and how we can live them out in our daily lives.

To Make Christ Known

The Gospel of Mark begins quite quickly with Jesus’ ministry – first in calling His disciples, to sending them out, to Jesus already being challenged by the religious leaders of the day. Mark makes it clear throughout His Gospel that Jesus stayed focus on His ministry of preaching the good news of His Kingdom. As we dive into 2021 there are more opportunities for us to make Christ know then ever before, be it in person or virtually! This 4-week sermon series led by Pastor Brian will be an opportunity to dive into the first experiences of Jesus with His disciples in the Gospel of Mark, and what this means for our own journeys of discipleship.