Current Series

This Is My Story

Following the resurrection of Jesus, Luke records the beginnings of the The Way, the followers of Jesus. This included time of great persecution, uncertainty, and shockingly, incredible growth for the Church. In the midst of the Book of Acts are stories of great transformation as the Gospel is proclaimed, shared and lived out. This series will look at some of these stories to better understand our own stories of transformation in the love and truth of Jesus.

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week observances can be traced all the way back to early centuries of the church. As church history progressed, the Church Year or Liturgical Calendar, as we know it today, was fully developed. But before we had the Advent or Lenten season, the events of Holy Week were given prominence in the early church. These events are the basis of our faith! Christ instituted the new covenant and the Lord’s Supper on that first Maundy Thursday. Scripture was ultimately fulfilled on Good Friday as the ultimate sacrifice was made with Christ’s death. Then came Christ’s resurrection on that first Easter Sunday… and the rest, as they say, is history.


So why do we celebrate Holy Week? Why isn’t focusing on Easter enough? By only celebrating and focusing on Easter, you miss out on what makes Easter so transformational. For Christ to be raised from the dead, He first had to die to bring about the forgiveness of sins, as He did on Good Friday. In order for the old covenant to replaced, a new one had to be instituted, as He did with His disciples at the Last Supper. By focusing on the events of Holy Week and not just Easter, we can fully experience the joy and celebration that comes with the resurrection as we experience the fulfillment of the promised Messiah from the Old Testament in Jesus Christ, our Risen Savior.


As Christians, we hear the word “holy” so often we forget its significance. It’s so often associated with other words like “purity” or “righteousness.” While these words are associated with being holy, for something to be holy it must first be set apart from what is common. How appropriate it is that this week… this most important week in our Christian observances be referred to as “holy.” Holy Week is anything but common and should be set apart from every other week. It is Christianity in its simplest form… the very essence of our faith conveyed over the course of just a few days. Holy Week is a package deal… a series of events and days intimately woven together leading us on a journey of joy, sadness, waiting, and then finally celebration.

Spiritual Disciplines - Lenten Midweek

The Church season of Lent is a time for Christians to seek, to renew, and to grow in their faith. It is a time to focus intentionally on our spiritual life and health. Spiritual Disciplines are one of the methods the Church has used for centuries to draw focus and renewal. Over the course of the next 5 weeks, we will look at 5 different practices of Spiritual Disciplines to help train our mind, body, and spirit to seek, renew, and grow in our faith. 

Beloved & Redeemed

In his letter to the Galatians, Paul dives into what allows a person to be called a son/daughter of God, to be His beloved and redeemed. It does not come from their best actions, or the worst of others, but solely through His love and grace shown in Jesus Christ. Starting from this foundation, Paul then gives the Galatian disciples, and you and me today, a clear picture of how we are to live our lives in Christ – as witnesses to His love, mercy and truth. During this season of Lent, we have a tremendous opportunity to seek to “keep in step with the Spirit”, practicing the fruit of the Spirit, and encouraging one another to keep moving forward, to live in Christ.

To Make Christ Known

The Gospel of Mark begins quite quickly with Jesus’ ministry – first in calling His disciples, to sending them out, to Jesus already being challenged by the religious leaders of the day. Mark makes it clear throughout His Gospel that Jesus stayed focus on His ministry of preaching the good news of His Kingdom. As we dive into 2021 there are more opportunities for us to make Christ know then ever before, be it in person or virtually! This 4-week sermon series led by Pastor Brian will be an opportunity to dive into the first experiences of Jesus with His disciples in the Gospel of Mark, and what this means for our own journeys of discipleship.