Yohannes MengsteabApril 30, 2023Easter

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Passage: Genesis 45:1-15

A fallen humanity can never hope to restore any of our relationships without the help of Jesus Christ – the Son of God. He came down to earth in order to restore us into the first and greatest relationship we ever had. And yet, only two people ever got to experience that relationship as it was meant to be in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve then decided to break the relationship, choosing instead to become gods in their own eyes. The Bible has many stories about how God not only restores our relationship with Him but how we are called to restore our relationships with others, whether they are disciples of Jesus or not. God gave Joseph the opportunity to forgive his brothers, and Jesus met Saul on the Damascus road, calling him to be numbered among his disciples. Paul then joined a group that he had tried to murder and began building relationships that would forge Christ’s church throughout the world.

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