Sunday 8:30 am

This is the service you grew up attending.  Standard Hymns (blue book), beautiful organ music, and traditional liturgies.

  • Dress: A little more dressed up, you will see suits, but mostly business casual.  Some wear jeans.
  • Music: Hymns and organ music, traditional choirs and handbell groups.
  • Communion: Offered at almost every service

Sunday 11:00 am

Traditional, Contemporary, Variety.  This service blends various formats of worship and offers something unique that changes throughout the year.

  • Dress: Many wear business casual or jeans.
  • Music: Traditional Hymns and Contemporary Christian Music.
  • Communion: Offered twice a month

Sunday 1:00 pm

Our African Immigrant Service is dedicated to serving Sudanese immigrants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  The service is led by Pastor Wichieng T. Wetnyangran.

  • Language: At this service you will hear both English and Nuer.
  • Music: Many traditional hymns sung in Nuer with African drumming.
  • Communion: Offered twice a month

Sunday 4:00 pm

Our Arabic Christian service is dedicated to serving a need within the Arabic-speaking community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. The service is led by Rev. Abjar Bakhou.

  • Language: The majority of the service is conducted in Arabic.
  • Communion: Offered at almost every service
  • Learn More: Click Here

Wednesday Evening during Advent / Lent

Leading up to Christmas and Easter we celebrate the seasons of Advent and Lent with services on Wednesday evening. Click for more info.

  • Dress: Many wear business casual as they are arriving from work.
  • Music: Traditional hymns; service begins with a hymn sing (randomly selected hymns from the congregation).