941 W. Bedford Euless Road
Hurst, TX 76053
Phone: 817.284.1677


Sunday 8:30 am

This is the service you grew up attending.  Standard Hymns (blue book), beautiful organ music, and traditional liturgies.

  • Dress: A little more dressed up, you will see suits, but mostly business casual.  Some wear jeans.
  • Music: Hymns and organ music, traditional choirs and handbell groups.
  • Communion: Offered at almost every service

Sunday 11:00 am

Traditional, Contemporary, Variety.  This service blends various formats of worship and offers something unique that changes throughout the year.

  • Dress: Many wear business casual or jeans.
  • Music: Traditional Hymns and Contemporary Christian Music.
  • Communion: Offered twice a month

Saturday 5:30 pm

Band, casual dress, and a Saturday evening start time. The format might be more relaxed, but the theology is not. This service still contains all the aspects of Lutheran worship you would expect (confession, absolution, communion, etc).

  • Dress: Casual, most are in jeans or shorts in the summer.
  • Music: Contemporary Christian Music and hymns.
  • Communion: Offered twice a month

Sunday 1:00 pm

Our African Immigrant Service is dedicated to serving Sudanese immigrants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  The service is led by Pastor Wichieng T. Wetnyangran.

  • Language: At this service you will hear both English and Nuer.
  • Music: Many traditional hymns sung in Nuer with African drumming.
  • Communion: Offered twice a month

Wednesday Evening during Advent / Lent

Leading up to Christmas and Easter we celebrate the seasons of Advent and Lent. We will have a service on Wednesday nights as well as a dinner. Click for more info.

  • Dress: Many wear business casual as they are arriving from work.
  • Music: Traditional hymns; service begins with a hymn sing (randomly selected hymns from the congregation).
  • Dinner: We gather before the service to share a meal, and the freewill donation benefits the ministry group preparing the meal.

Sunday 4:00 pm

Our Arabic Christian service is dedicated to serving a need within the Arabic-speaking community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. The service is led by Rev. Abjar Bakhou.

  • Language: The majority of the service is conducted in Arabic.
  • Communion: Offered at almost every service
  • Learn More: Click Here