The teen years are where many of the most important friendships and lasting memories happen. Jr and Sr High students need a place where they can make friends, have fun, and learn about faith in Jesus. God’s hope is for us to be transformed into followers of Jesus — real world disciples of Christ who seek to worship Him, learn about Him and serve Him every day.

For young people this involves four key steps: learning the basic stories and truths of God’s Word, owning their Christian identity and articulating their faith, beginning to live as an adult believer, and keeping the faith in a lost and hurting world. We believe in God, the one who is transforming this world one heart at a time. We not only want to be transformed, but to be used by Him to transform the world.

Our goal is to provide an open atmosphere where students can know that they matter. Where students can be honest, open, heard, accepted, and equipped to live as a light for Christ, no matter what the cost! We do this by...

Students Reaching Students

  • Extending the love of Christ to friends.
  • Being a light to those in darkness.
  • To ignite the passion for God in each other. 

Students Teaching Students

  • Increasing in knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Growing in the character of Christ. 

Students Influencing the World

  • Serving in the church.
  • Serving in the community.
  • Serving in the world.

Ways to Get Involved:

Sunday School

Each Sunday | 9:45a-10:45a
Jr High: Youth A, B, C
Sr High: Youth Rec


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