Mosaic Mission


Mosaic Mission

Who We Are:

Mosaic Mission is a partnership between the Texas District–LCMS and Peace Lutheran Church to reach Liberian Immigrants in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (HEB and beyond). Mosaic is distinctively Word, Ministry and Mercy-based, and is keen on engaging Liberian families through initiatives that Inspire, Assist, Educate and Empower!


2014 Ebola Statistics accounted for over 10,000 Liberians in and around the DFW Metropolitan area. A good 35-40% of those accounted for reside within the mid-cities (Hurst, Euless, Bedford) and its immediate surroundings. The high concentration of Liberians in the mid-cities provides a unique opportunity for cross-cultural outreach and impact. Many of these families immigrated to the US during the 14year civil war in Liberia (1990 – 2004) and have since struggled with resettling and readjusting to a society radically different from their own. While a good number of Liberian families have made the adjustment quite well and are now thriving members of their communities, many remain on the edge of mainstream society and are in real need of spiritual, emotional and material support. Given the above factors and Mosaic’s intimate involvement with the Liberian community through John Vawar, we believe the Community as a whole will greatly benefit from programs and services provided by Mosaic Mission in partnership with Peace Lutheran Church. Secondarily, Mosaic intends to tailor its outreach in a way that is inclusive of other immigrant and under-resourced communities in the target area.

What We Do:

We partner with various groups, associations and individuals within the Liberian Community (“embedded partners”) to engage, enrich and empower Liberian families through direct impact initiatives, and through contextually relevant Word & Sacrament Ministry.

Four-Fold Objective:Four-Fold Objective:

  1. Inspire – Beyond the delivery of direct-impact programs and services aimed at addressing the felt needs of Liberian Families, Mosaic is fully aware of the importance of connecting outreach and mercy projects in close proximity to Word and Sacrament Ministry. It is to this end that we provide opportunity for participation in weekly Worship Services through Mosaic Church (a mission plant of Peace Lutheran Church). We believe that Mosaic Church will ultimately provide the financial and people support necessary for the mission to self-sustain.
  2. Assist – We reach out to disadvantaged and/or “at-risk” members of the Liberian community with the love and mercy of Christ, demonstrated through intentional acts of kindness, aimed at uplifting individuals at every stage of life.
  3. Educate – Mosaic Mission - and by extension - Mosaic Church works with Liberian families and “embedded” organizations to promote, support and facilitate education-based initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Liberians throughout the metroplex. Education-based initiatives include:
    1. Career Development and Return-to-Work Assistance for Individuals
    2. Life-skill Development and Discipleship Programs for Men and Boys
    3. Career Development and Mentorship Programs for Women and Girls
    4. School Outreach providing After-School, Back2School and Financial Aid)
  4. Empower – The end result (net impact) of community engagement and life enrichment – as we deem it – should be the collective spiritual and social empowerment of the people served. When lives are enriched and people are empowered as a result of the Gospel preached (in Word and in Deed), the centrality of our Christ and His mission, according to Matthew 28:19-20, is fully realized.

"Role of Peace as Host Church and “Mission Activity Site.”

The goal of the mission activity site is to function as Resource Center for outreach to the target community or group, resulting in a new Word and Sacrament ministry.  To best accomplish this, the plan for each mission activity site is to initially develop the ministry as part of the host congregation. Ultimately, the mission activity will result in either an enhanced multicultural congregation or a separate self-supporting new church plant. As host, Peace provides an overall structure and the ability to pull together resources from a variety of sources to help Mosaic meet its outreach and expansion (growth) goal. Examples of Peace Church’s support activities include:

  • Direct financial support to Mosaic from Peace members, staff and partners
  • Support and participation in ASAP (After-School Initiative) on an ongoing basis
  • Assistance with training and education of local community leaders and families
  • Support of community gathering events (Back2School, Fundraising Rallies, Outreach)
  • Marketing, Administrative and Logistical Support through shared staff and volunteers

Embedded Partner OrganizationsEmbedded Partner Organizations

As a means of expanding our reach and influence into the community, and in order to ensure that majority of disadvantaged families are impacted by the programs and services we provide, Mosaic Mission works with several organizations and groups that are already embedded within the Liberian community (providing ongoing assistance and services). Some of these organizations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Liberian Community Association (LCA) – The Principal Community Leadership Organ
  • Liberian Nurses Association (LNA) – Health Education and Mission-focused Group
  • L.I.T.E (Lifting Individuals Through Education) – Scholarship Awarding Group
  • PGS Lutheran Mission School System of Liberia – Liberia-based School System

ASAP (After-School Assistance Program):

In light of our core imperatives around Community Engagement, Life Enrichment and People Empowerment, Mosaic Mission has developed a flagship initiative called ASAPKids. ASAP stands for After School Achievement Program and is an Apartment Outreach initiative that partners with low-income apartment communities to service children and teens with after school programing built around tutoring, arts, music, sports and other life-enrichment activities. ASAPKids launched in August of 2019 and is poised to begin servicing the 500 Flats Apartment Community in Fort Worth (Tarrant County limit). ASAP is an important part of our strategy to reach Urban and Immigrant Families within 5mile radius of Peace Church. Aimed at engaging the local community, enriching the lives of children and empowering entire people groups, the ASAP initiative allows us to meet people where they are and present the Gospel in unconventional, but relevant ways. We are currently seeking volunteer tutors and mentors for the 500 Flats apartment initiative.