God of Rest and Peace

By Mallory Griffin


God of Rest and Peace,

We know we need to spend time in solitude with You.
We know we need to withdraw from the busy pace of life for the sake of our souls.
And yet, it’s still so easy—too easy—to let ourselves be swept away in the rush and hectic pace of day-to-day living.  

We’re drawn to busy because it makes us feel important.
We’re drawn to “on the go” because we feel like we’re really accomplishing something.
But, when all is said and done, we’re no better off chasing this busy life, no better as disciples, and no closer to You.

In the moments when we balk at finding time to withdraw for prayer, remind us that we only find our lives when we lose it.
In the moments when solitude seems impossible, remind us that You invite us to come away to a quiet place and rest (Mark 6:31).
And in moments when we think our busy-ness takes precedence, remind us that we’re simply not as busy as we think.



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