Sunday School


Sunday School

We offer classes on Sunday mornings between our services for all ages. Check out one of our classes and dive deeper in God's Word!


Here at Peace, we want to be intentional about growing in our faith and learning more about how the Bible applies to our everyday lives. We offer a wide range of classes that provide opportunities for us to engage. Our Sunday morning opportunities include classes that regularly study a book in the Bible seeking to learn what it says and then what it means for us today. We also have classes that engage topics that are relevant to the challenges that we face on a regular basis. We offer practical classes on marriage and parenting on a regular basis to encourage families.

We understand salvation is a free gift of God in Jesus Christ, no strings attached.  And we also understand God has given us the gift of a Christian life to live in response to His gift of salvation.  Robert Mulholland calls this journey of discipleship the “process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.”  We’re not in charge of our own spiritual development; God is changing us little by little to be more like Jesus.

Since God is in charge of shaping and forming us, we only stay on track in this journey of faith to spend time in God’s presence.  Jesus said, “Remain in me and I will remain in you.”  For us at Peace, living a receptive life means one hour of worship and one hour of group Bible study every week, along with daily prayer and meditation in God’s Word.  The Adult Faith discipleship experiences at Peace are designed to help us all grow in our faith and in our faithful response to the God who loves us in Jesus Christ.  A variety of discipleship experiences all work together toward this same goal: Sunday morning adult faith, midweek bible classes, and weekend discipleship experiences help us know and follow Jesus better.

We return again and again to some of our foundational beliefs in our Intentional Interaction with God’s Word because we believe we are always growing and maturing in faith and faithfulness.  Some of our most central discipleship training happens in our Core Discipleship Experiences.  If you are new to Peace or if it’s been a while since you have touched up on any of these areas, we invite you to join us.

Class Locations:

Fellowship Hall

Childcare & Red Apple Area

Our Youth & Children classes feature large group/small group format, where they meet together as a whole and then break into age appropriate classes with activities.

Children (thru 5th grade):
Upstairs Children Area (above Church Office)

Jr High:
Youth Rooms A, B, & C

Sr High:
Youth Rec

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